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ZEX Investments Limited Prime Towers Mobile phones, Electronics, Musical & Entertainment, Other Accessories, REDFEB2024, Office Accessories, Home Accessories, Computers & Accessories
ED General Merchandise Yunia Arcade Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Kitchenware, Home Furniture and Accessories, Home Protection Accessories, Luggage & Travel Gear, Home Accessories, Office Accessories, Travel & Camping Accesories, Healthy Food & Snacks, Beauty & Health, Long Grain Rice, Basmati Rice, Travel Accessories, Sanitation & Hygiene, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Camping Equipment, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Clothing, Holiday Accessories, Accessories, Office Furniture and Accessories, Energy Drinks, Drinks and Beverages, Grains and Cereals, Other Accessories, Office Stationery, Scholastic Materials, Dry Grains & Rice, Parboiled Rice, Long Grain Rice, Cooking Butter & other Fats, Cooking Oils and Fats, Coconut Oils
Exclusive Traders Trusted Arcade Healthy Food & Snacks, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Home Accessories, Beds and Baths, Sanitation & Hygiene, Bath & Body Soaps, Body Cleansers, Scholastic Materials, Perfumes and Fragrance, Cosmetics, Dry Grains & Rice, Long Grain Rice, Parboiled Rice, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Other Accessories, Basmati Rice, Grains and Cereals, Beauty & Health, Ramadhan, Kitchenware, First Aid Accessories, Methylated Spirit, Office Accessories, Camping Equipment, Office Furniture and Accessories, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Fragrance Accessories, Women Perfumes, Office Stationery, Sanitary Napkins, Hand & Body Hygiene, Baby Foods, Milk and Chocolates, Non-prescriptive Medicines, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Odor Removers & Fresheners, Glassware & Drinkware, Dinnerware
Mugolazi traders Unifam Plaza Shoes, Other Accessories, Healthy Food & Snacks, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Beds and Baths, Sanitation & Hygiene, Office Accessories, Scholastic Materials, Drinks and Beverages, Laundry Detergents, Cleaning Agents, Laundry Detergent Pacs & Tablet, Milk and Chocolates
Half Price Ltd Justine Arcade Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Fragrance Accessories, Perfumes and Fragrance, Beauty & Health, Women Perfumes, Accessories, Scented Candles, Body Sprays and Deodrants, Men Perfumes, REDFEB2024, Healthy Food & Snacks, Home Accessories, Beds and Baths, Sanitation & Hygiene, Home Furniture and Accessories, Office Furniture and Accessories, Office Accessories, Cosmetics, Drinks and Beverages, Fresh Beverages
Kalule Home Appliances Bypass Arcade Electronics, Other Accessories, Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Office Accessories, Travel Accessories, Travel & Camping Accesories, Electronic Home Appliances, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Scholastic Materials
Realmadrid Kitchen Ware and Applianes Nyumba Kubwa Mall Blender, Electronics, Electronic Home Appliances, Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Other Accessories, Office Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Home Furniture and Accessories, Office Furniture and Accessories, Beds and Baths, Healthy Food & Snacks, Agro Processing Machinery, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Office Stationery, Scholastic Materials, Beauty & Health, Fashion, Security & Surveillance Accessories, Home Protection Accessories, Locks and Physical Security, REDFEB2024, Sports & Gaming Accessories, Outdoor Gaming & Recreation, Indoor Gaming & Sports Accessories, Travel & Camping Accesories, Luggage & Travel Gear, Sanitation & Hygiene, Musical Instrument Accessories, Sound Systems & Audio Accessories, Other musical accessories, Musical & Entertainment, Ramadhan, Travel Accessories, Clothing, Shoes
K.kfragrances Virtual eMoolo Cosmetics, Beauty & Health, Fashion, Perfumes and Fragrance, Men Perfumes, Fragrance Accessories, Men Clothing, Women Perfumes, Women Clothing, Beds and Baths, Sanitation & Hygiene, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Unisex Perfumes, Kitchenware, Body Sprays and Deodrants, General Medicine Accessories, Scented Candles, Feminine Care Products, Home Accessories, Bath & Shower Gels
Rashid Traders Sun City Arcade Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Healthy Food & Snacks, Home Accessories, Energy Drinks, Drinks and Beverages, Milk and Chocolates, Juices and Smoothies
Zabrand Kitchen Ware and Home Appliances Bypass Arcade Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Office Accessories, Electronics, Other Accessories, Travel Accessories, REDFEB2024, Office Furniture and Accessories, Electric Mixers, Blender, Blenders and Dispensers, Sanitation & Hygiene, Ramadhan, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Healthy Food & Snacks, Electronic Home Appliances, Beds and Baths, Home Furniture and Accessories, Bathroom Fixtures and Appliances, Other Computer Accessories, Home Decorative Accessories, Racks and Hanging Accessories, Beauty & Health, Cooling and Airconditioning, Dinnerware, Glassware & Drinkware, Ovens and Microwaves, Cleaning & Ironing, Deep Fryers, Scholastic Materials
Crown Japan Katwe Kakumba Complex Electronics, Home Accessories, Kitchenware, Office Accessories, Agro Input Supplies, Agro Processing Machinery, Agro Inputs and Machinery, Electric Mixers, Other Accessories, REDFEB2024, Musical & Entertainment, Laundry Appliances, Washers and Dryers, Sanitation & Hygiene, Electronic Home Appliances, Grills and Cookers, Home Furniture and Accessories, Musical Instrument Accessories
Isham Stationers Karobwa Towers Office Stationery, Office Accessories, Scholastic Materials, School Stationary, School Suitcases, Energy Drinks, Drinks and Beverages, Home Accessories, Beds and Baths
Baguma Store Ham Shopping Center Healthy Food & Snacks, Groceries & Gourmet Foods, Home Accessories, Sanitation & Hygiene, Dry Grains & Rice, Long Grain Rice, Kitchenware, Flours and Meals, Wheat Flour and Meals
Ezzy Gadgets Store Mutaasa Kafero Lighting and Accessories, Other Accessories, Electronics, Computers & Accessories, Smart watches, Mobile phones
Imma Kitchenware Superior Complex Kitchenware, Home Accessories, Home Decorative Accessories
Fyn Energy International UK Mall Home Accessories, Kitchenware, LPG Gas, Travel & Camping Accesories, Domestic LPG Gas
MOGAS Uganda Limited MOGAS Headquarter Building Domestic LPG Gas, Industrial LPG Gas, LPG Gas, Biogas
Nextdoor Pharmacy Mikasa Mall Cosmetics, Beauty & Health, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, General Medicine Accessories, Healthy Food & Snacks, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fragrance Accessories, Women Perfumes, Feminine Care Products, Medical Equipment, Non-prescriptive Medicines, Bath & Body Soaps, Hand & Body Hygiene, Skin Care Products, Energy Drinks, Electronics, Home Accessories, Sanitation & Hygiene, Body Cleansers, Beds and Baths, Perfumes and Fragrance, Fashion, Men Perfumes
DapperbyRach Ham Shopping Center Cosmetics
Tech Xpress Uganda Kooki Towers Electronics, Mobile phones, Musical Instrument Accessories, Other Plumbing Accessories, Other Accessories, Musical & Entertainment, REDFEB2024, Sound Systems & Audio Accessories, Kids Toys and Games, Kids Games
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