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  • Grain Milling Machine
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    Grain Milling Machine

    Milling is a process in which grains such as oats,wheat,rice and corn are dehulled and ground into smaller pieces or flours to improve palatability,reduce cooking time,and create food products. 

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  • Cake Mixer Machine
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    Cake Mixer Machine

    A stationary electric mixer for heavy duty mixing,whipping  or kneading of various foods,typically having a flat beater,dough hook and whisk attachments. When beaters are replaced by a dough hook,a mixer may also be used to knead.

    Model No:XJT-30B

    Bowl Volume:20L

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  • Manual Sugarcane Juicer
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    Manual Sugarcane Juicer

    Sugarcane crushed by three steel rollers which is driven by suitable geared motor to extract the juice.the crushing process must break up the hard nodes of the cane and flattern the stems.

    Model No:SY-250A

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    • Price: US$540.00
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