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  • 2 Bed Sides
    • 2% less

    2 Bed Sides

    This bed frame comes with two side draws and no matress. 



    High quality Bed Frame 

    Gives the bedroom an elegant look

    Only 5 left in stock
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    • Price: US$750.00
    Only 5 left in stock.
  • 6 Sitter Dining Table
    • 3% less

    6 Sitter Dining Table

    Create the ambiance of an outdoor Cafe in your own house with high quality dining with 6 chairs which are wooden seats with Cushions 

    Material: wood /Mahogany

    High quality Dining table


    6 Seater

    Family table 

    Only 7 left in stock
    Not rated yet
    • Price: US$495.00
    Only 7 left in stock.

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