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1 Chief Commercial Officer (1)

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) leads the Sales and Business Development functions and helps the Company achieve its revenue targets and strategic goals. The CCO's main role is to identify business growth opportunities and develop strategies to increase company’s revenue prospects. The CCO is responsible for developing commercial and business development strategies that are optimized for both short-term results and long-term business expansion strategy.

  1. A degree in Business Computing, Information Technology, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Sales, marketing or communications, and/or related fields. 
  2. Strong track record of success in a senior sales leadership role including prior experience as a Commercial Officer. 
  3. Proven experience in e-commerce or digital logistics business development or sales. 
  4. Excellent creativity, strong communications and analytical abilities. 
  5. Strong experience within consultative sales and ability to prospect and manage senior level relationships.
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2 Customer Experience Officer (1)

The Customer Experience Officer is responsible for ensuring delivery of delightful customer experience to our clients across all service delivery touchpoints and channels. This role involves designing, developing, orchestrating and improving customer experience, ultimately delivering a professional and high quality customer service that meets client expectations. The position holder will be responsible for promoting excellent customer relationships and gathering insights customer interactions that can lead to new opportunities, markets or increased revenue. 

  1. A bachelor's degree in Human resources, Mass communications, marketing, business administration, social works and social administration, Information Technology, Public Relations, Psychology, Telecommunications or any related field. 
  2. At least 3 years' experience in a customer experience management role, or a similar customer support role. 
  3. Energetic collaborator, influential communicator and technology savvy
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3 Service Levels and Quality Assurance Officer (1)

The Service Level and Quality Assurance Officer’s main role is to ensure that the products and services delivery mechanisms meet the set minimum standards. This role involves conducting quality control inspections of products and service delivery processes, and enforcing compliance to procedures and service levels throughout the service delivery value chain.  The position holder will be responsible for monitoring and ensuring validity, accuracy and consistency of data related to client onboarding processes, field operations, conformity to specifications and service levels, policies and regulations.

  1. Degree or equivalent in Information Technology, Business Computing, Statistics, Project Management, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Mathematics, Mass Communication, or Accounting and Audit.
  2. Exposure to the quality assurance operations in an e-commerce setting will be an added advantage.
  3. Proven experience in e-commerce or digital logistics quality assurance, project management, Digital Products/Services QA experience, or Systems process Audit.
  4. Demonstrated experience in risk analysis and control, compliance management, inspection, and process testing.
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4 Order Fulfillment and Field Operations (1)

The Order Fulfillment and Field Operations Officer’s main role is to manage end-to-end; the order fulfillment processes from placement to delivery confirmation. This role involves coordinating the entire order fulfillment value-chain which includes order delivery preparation (order processing) and final delivery to the customer. The position holder will be responsible for Order delivery planning, staging the order for delivery, packaging, assignment of order delivery tasks to delivery agents, coordination and monitoring of the order delivery field operations teams, Order pickup, consolidation, delivery, as well as processing returned orders.

  1. Degree in Procurement and Logistics, Warehousing, Store management, Shipping, Management, Courier, Information Technology, Business Computing, or Business Administration or equivalent. 
  2. Minimum of 2 years relevant experience. 
  3. Prior experience in ecommerce or digital environment is an added advantage.
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5 Client Relationship Officers (4)

Client Relationship Officer is responsible for the management of the clients’ lifecycle including solicitation or pre-selling, onboarding, retention, propositions, growth, and off-boarding. The role involves management of clients’ accounts, expectations, and bringing new business from such accounts. The role includes building and preserving trusting relationships with clients and protecting the brand(s) by maintaining a positive image and brand(s) presentation. The officer is also responsible for business negotiations, client business advisory based on market surveys or research, and keeping close relationship with the clients throughout the engagement lifecycle.

  1. A degree in Information Technology, Business Computing, Business Administration, Marketing, Social Sciences, Arts, Hospitality, Commerce or Finance, or any related field 
  2. Minimum of 2 years job experience in Marketing, Client Relations, Customer Care, Business Development, Logistics, e-Commerce, or Sales. 
  3. Superior e-commerce knowledge either as a buyer or seller.
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6 Accountant (2)

The Accountant provides operational support by assisting the Finance Director with Financial Administration and Accounting functions. This role encompasses daily tasks associated with full accounting functions for Accounts Payable (vendors’ ledger), Accounts Receivable (Clients’ ledger), Petty-Cash Management, Reconciliations (Bank Accounts, Ledger Accounts, Fixed Assets, Consumable stores, etc), as well as general book keeping functions.

  1. A university degree or equivalent in Accounting and Finance, Business Administration
  2. At least CPA finalist or ACCA Stage II
  3. Demonstrated experience working  as an Accountant, Accounts Assistant, Book keeping, Bank Teller or Cashier
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